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Meet the wonderful patients who have benefited from our experienced care:
  • Red

    Red is a gentle 11 month old pregnant Duroc gilt. She injured her back and has been down for a couple of weeks. Thanks to her dedicated family who is willing to try Acupuncture and chiropractic care, she was able to get herself up and stand for a few minutes as the needles were placed. Hopefully she will only need 2-3 more treatments to get strong enough to give birth and take care of herself and her piglets.

  • Flirt

    Flirt came for her very first acupuncture treatment yesterday for a recent neck and shoulder injury. She was absolutely stellar as a patient especially with her Water constitution. Additionally she received chiropractic adjustments and vitamin B 12 aqua puncture. Welcome to Wellspring Veterinary Services Flirt and thank you for sharing your photo. And a very big thank you to TLC Pet Hospital for accommodating this visit :-)

  • Halcyone

    Halcyone is a gorgeous and very sweet 15 year old Arabian mare. She had her first Acupunture treatment today and also some chiropractic adjustments for some troubling areas of stiffness and pain. Welcome to WVS Halcyone!

  • Shasta

    Not everyone is thrilled to come see Dr. Patti Graham to get holistic veterinary medicine and acupuncture. Meet Miss Good Sport, “Shasta” who came this week because she has been very ill with her Diabetes. Thankfully, her primary care veterinarian pulled her out of crisis. However she is having a hard time regulating her blood sugar levels even on a new insulin. Shasta received her first chiropractic and acupuncture therapy session and will be starting on a Chinese herbal medicine to help her regulate better while on insulin and special diet. Actually Shasta was very cooperative for her Acupuncture, but her Metal constitution does not really enjoy her personal space being interrupted. Thank you Shasta for giving some holistic therapy a chance to help.

  • Julie

    Miss Julie is a 12 year old Miniature Dachshund Wood 🌳 Constitution ☯️ coming for her very first acupuncture treatment and chiropractic adjustment for pain in her back and weakness with incoordination in her hind limbs from a spinal injury. She is also receiving cold laser therapy from her primary care veterinarian. Welcome aboard Julie and looking forward to your next treatment next week. And thanks especially to Sayers Animal Hospital for accommodating getting her seen today!

  • Marie

    It’s amazing how our canine companions allow us to enter into their world and engage with them in such personal ways. Today Marie, a young Doberman Pinscher, came for a chiropractic adjustment and her very first Acupuncture therapy session. She needed some help with stiffness in her neck, back and pelvis. Hopefully she will be 100% for her show this weekend. Welcome to WVS Marie and we look forward to seeing you again.

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